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About The Author Dr Brian Capra

About the Author

Dr. Brian Capra graduated in 2002 and started his practice in Princeton, New Jersey.  After a short time, he built a practice of approximately 400 visits per week with a mix of cash and insurance.  He wanted to outsource his billing and focus on what he felt was most important—getting new patients and taking great care of them.

After several attempts to outsource with less than optimal success, he had a chance encounter with two gentlemen.  One was a Wall Street technology executive from the largest bank in the world, and the other was a computer science Princeton graduate.  Together they opened Dr. Brian’s eyes to a new reality in technology and automation.  Using artificial intelligence (AI) and patented technology as well as providing real insight into how the insurance industry really works, they showed Dr. Brian what it would take to beat insurance companies at their own game.

Dr. Brian implemented the new methodology, and his insurance collections immediately increased 40%.  Seeing the amazing results, Dr. Brian realized that the new methodology could also be used for other parts of the practice, including patient retention and compliance.  He felt compelled to bring it to the rest of the profession.

In 2004, the three men formed a partnership and began developing the Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing Network.

It was—and still is—the only cloud-based platform that leverages patented AI and automation to help providers streamline their entire practice.  Across the country, thousands of users have seem dramatic improvement in their patient retention, revenue per visit, and compliance, as well significantly lower overhead and staff management hours.

Practices that use Genesis range from 100% “cash” practices to multi-discipline offices seeing anywhere from less than 100 visits per week to more than 3,000 visits per week.  They enjoy the flexibility of outsourcing their billing or keeping their billing in-house with an unprecedented level of control, transparency, and accountability.

From the Author

My intention in this book is to pull the proverbial curtain back and help you see what the insurance companies are really up to—what their real motivation is.  I promise you, you’ve never heard this information before.  At first, it might surprise you.  It might make you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and powerless.  Stay with it.  There is something you can discover in this book, and there is something you do about insurance companies. 

Beating them at their own game is not as scary as it sounds.  It can be done in less time and with less stress and money than it is costing you right now.  Just like we teach our patients, all you need is a new paradigm.

If you are going to win at anything, you need to know the rules of the game, and you need to know your opponent.  The more you know, the better your chances will be to succeed.

The problem I see is that most doctors are taking a checkers mentality in a chess game.  I aim to end this and empower you with the tools and know-how to beat the opponent at its own game. 

Dr. Brian Capra
President/Founder – Genesis Chiropractic Software