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What Insurance Companies Dont Want You To Know

dr.-patrick-gentempo“I’ve known Dr. Brian Capra for many years and have seen his admirable purpose and passion for the chiropractic profession. His efforts to create a book to give context to chiropractors on the issue of insurance should warrant some notice. I have been critical of the insurance industry for many years and have created programs to help chiropractors end insurance dependency. The goals of 3rd party payers and the goals have chiropractors do not come close to aligning. Take a look at what Dr. Capra has learned about the insurance industry – it will open your eyes.” – Dr. Patrick Gentempo

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dr.-jay-greenstein“Dr. Brian Capra is an innovative leader at the intersection of chiropractic and technology. The EHR/practice management system he and his team has created drives continuous improvement in workflow and efficiency. Brian is an expert at workflow design for chiropractic and other healthcare facilities. He has remarkable insight to help providers address their biggest challenges, be more profitable, and well as the vision and foresight to know what the profession, individual practices and patients will need in the future. In word, Brian is remarkable.” – Dr. Jay Greenstein

dr.-stephen-franson“If you are going to play the insurance game in Healthcare today – then you’d better play it right. The moment you file a claim, you step into the ring with a heavyweight. You’d better have done your homework. Any misstep can cost you dearly. Even if you consider yourself a “Cash Practice” or “Cash-Like” you are still subject to the rules of the game. Ask any “non-participating provider” that’s been whacked. Dr. Brian Capra’s “What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know” is mandatory reading for anyone “in the fight” that’s looking to play within the rules, maximize your returns and not get hurt. It’s an easy read and a quick study – definitely worth your time.” – Dr. Stephen FransonThe Remarkable Practice

bharon-hoag“Having spent the greater part of 16 years in the coding, compliance and insurance world of chiropractic I have seen things come and go. You see people that are so called experts that have made a career on attempting to scare doctors and staff into compliance. You see new software’s come and go that make promises but yet it all leaves a doctor more confused and living in fear. After meeting Dr. Brian Capra I was not sure if he would fall into the same category as others. I took me only a few months to realize he was different. He was not interested in scaring anyone but rather empowering them. Dr. Capra has touched this profession in many different ways but this book is another example of his attempt to create mental freedom for the chiropractor and their team. Dr. Capra and I agree that if we can remove fear, replace it with belief we can get chiropractors back to loving and serving as they were created to do. A must read for all offices!” – Bharon HoagOne Chiropractic

john-davilaFor almost ten years I have had the opportunity to work side-by-side with Dr. Brian Capra for the benefit of our mutual clients. During this time, we’ve seen clients succeed in practice with a top notch collection percentage, all while giving the doctor balance between the time spent in the system and compliance.  – Dr. John DavilaCustom Chiro Solutions

peter-martoneSince starting with the Genesis AI platform in 2016, I have had more time off in practice (seven weeks) and have had record collection months. I highly recommend the software, only if you want more money and more free time.  – Dr. Peter Martone


deed-harrisonGenesis includes everything your practice needs for efficiency, patient care, and your bottom line. There is simply nothing else like it in today’s EHR market! Because we’ve chosen Genesis for our office, we are confident you should do the same.  –  Dr. Deed HarrisonCBP

kotlarIt’s important to know the rules in order to know if you’re following them or breaking them. Having helped hundreds of healthcare providers with compliance as it relates insurance coding, billing and HIPAA for over 12 years, I know firsthand how important it is to play the game properly. Even if you’re an all cash practice, you can still get in trouble. Dr. Brian Capra’s “What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know” is a must read. It’s easy to read and can help you stay out of trouble.” – Dr. Marty Kotlar, – President, Target Coding


I have personally known Dr. Brian Capra for the last 10 years. We originally began working together, because he was my coaching client, then also worked with him as he began Genesis, the compliance, documentation, billing software. This means I know Dr. Brian on a very close personal and professional level. He is a person of his word. He is honorable, has integrity, trustworthy and he loves people. His first desire is to help people and contribute to their success and personal growth. He has mastery of his knowledge of technology, stemming from his passion and life purpose to keep people safe and protect them from the pitfalls and liabilities of compliance in today’s world, while creating a profitable and sustainable business that fulfills your purpose, while giving you confidence and freedom. I strongly urge every coaching client in Elite Chiropractic Coaching to use Genesis and develop a relationship with Dr. Brian. I trust him with my most valued relationships and am honored to call him my lifelong friend. – Dr. Fred DiDomenico – Elite Coaching

Dr. Chris Zaino

This book is a must read for doctors who take insurance or for those that are thinking about going cash. I have had a high volume insurance practice and now my practice is all cash.
I’ve known Dr. Capra for over 15 years and I have turned to him as a thought leader throughout my career. He understands what a practice really needs to run like a machine and is ahead of his time when it comes to technology, automation and artificial intelligence. – Dr. Chris Zaino

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