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Chiropractic Insurance Billing Service

Chiropractic Insurance Billing ServiceIf you’re not taking time out of your day for chiropractic insurance billing service, it might be time to consider Genesis Chiropractic Software.

As a chiropractor, you’re busy. You have appointments to keep, patients to care for, and your own business to manage. We understand that the last thing you need is to spend your days on insurance billing.

Luckily, the Genesis Chiropractic Software team is here to take care of the chiropractic insurance billing services for you so you can focus on what matters most: keeping your patients healthy and happy.

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about chiropractic insurance billing services so you can stay in the know about medical billing and what it means for your practice.

What does a chiropractic insurer do?

We provide chiropractors with professional billing services that allow them to focus on running their practices instead of worrying about collections and insurance claims.

Why do I need a chiropractic insurance billing service?

There’s no doubt that medical billing is complex and time-consuming. From dealing with different types of insurances to submitting claims and appealing denials, it takes a lot of work (and expertise) to ensure you get paid for services rendered. The benefits of outsourcing your medical billing needs include increased patient satisfaction, better accuracy in claims submissions, and greater cash flow. It’s tough to manage all the aspects of your practice when you’re also working hard on keeping up with medical billing—our team can help free up time so you can focus on other things that need attention.

Who can benefit from the services of a chiropractic insurance billing service?

Any chiropractor who is serious about making sure his or her practice runs as smoothly as possible will benefit from working with Genesis Chiropractic Software’s chiropractic insurance billing service. We take care of all the fine details so that your business is free to focus on treating patients and providing excellent care.

How do chiropractors file their own claims?

Billing is done using patient codes and modifiers that comply with HIPAA standards, as well as state and federal guidelines. These codes are then entered into clearinghouses where they are forwarded on to the insurance companies. It’s important that every claim filed is accurate and complete upon submission because if any information is missing or incorrect, the claim will be returned and will have to be refiled correctly before it can be processed again.

How can a chiropractic insurer help my office?

We work on behalf of chiropractors to help them better manage their practices. The reality is that insurance companies like to keep as much money as possible and often try to deny patient claims. Genesis Chiropractic Software’s chiropractic insurance billing service ensures that all claims are filed correctly, disputes overpayments are resolved, and any red tape that might stand in the way of getting paid is cleared quickly.

Why should I sign up with a chiropractic insurance billing service?

Using a chiropractic insurance billing service can help ensure that all claims are submitted correctly and on time. Once submitted, the service will follow up with insurance companies in order to guarantee that claims are processed in a timely manner and that providers receive payment for services rendered. If there is ever any problem or discrepancy with the payment amount, these services will also assist in filing an appeal.