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Chiropractic Billing Service

chiropractic billing serviceChiropractic billing service can be a necessity for many chiropractors. Medical billing can be complex, time-consuming, and tedious work, but it’s also essential to running a successful practice. If you’re thinking about hiring one of these services, you probably have a lot of questions—and we have the answers.

What is a chiropractic billing service?

A chiropractic billing service is basically an outsourced office staff: they manage all of your billing, collections, and accounts receivable needs. This can include everything from insurance verification to claims processing to follow-ups on delinquent payments—and we’ll even send out statements and handle patient calls in your name. It’s all the benefits of having a full-time chiropractic billing service without having to pay someone a salary or provide extra office space.

How much does it cost to hire a medical billing service?

Most chiropractic billing services charge a percentage of what they collect on your behalf. That can range from 8% to 18%, with an average of around 10%. Some companies also charge a monthly minimum fee. The exact amount will vary depending on the type of service you choose.

How does the chiropractic billing process work?

Once we’ve set up your practice’s chiropractic billing service, we get to work on the claims process. We use a unique cloud-based billing system that allows us to verify patient insurance information and eligibility and submit claims electronically to the insurance companies. Once we receive a response from the insurer, we’ll post any payments that are made, send out updated statements to patients whose accounts are outstanding, and alert you if there’s a payment that should be disputed.

Is medical billing worth it?

Working with a professional medical billing service is usually well worth the cost because it saves you both time and money. It’s more efficient than managing the work in-house, and it may even increase your revenue by making sure that you get paid faster and more frequently.

When should I consider using a chiropractic billing service?

It’s important for doctors to keep up with medical billing requirements and trends since this can affect reimbursements and cash flow. There are also many new regulations that go into effect each year, making it crucial for doctors to stay informed about what’s changing in their field.

How long does it take?

It depends on the company, but a general rule of thumb is that it takes between 45 and 90 days for an insurance claim to be processed and paid. There is always room for things to go wrong, though—an insurance company might lose your claim or involuntarily delay processing—so it’s best not to count on having the money right away.

Why use Genesis Chiropractic Software for your chiropractic billing service?

Many chiropractors who run their own offices are not only responsible for their patient’s care, but also for their business’ finances. This means they need to be able to monitor and manage every aspect of their practice, including the billing process. For some offices, this is not a problem, but others need help with this tedious task. Enter Genesis Chiropractic Software. We have years of experience in the industry and have built a reputation as being one of the best chiropractic billing service companies out there—and we can’t wait to help you!