ICD-10 | 100x More Complicated | Q&A

As your practice is preparing for the impending ICD-10 changes, you might have many questions concerning chiropractic billing procedures and software requirements. To help you get the answers you [...]

Something for the Pain

By Kathleen Casbarro Simplifying coding issues can relieve practice tension How can software make a difference in the ICD-10 changeover? “Doctor!” The box on Ben’s desk squawked. Pam always [...]

Appreciating the Layers

By Kathleen Casbarro ICD-10 changeover represents a multi-level issue for practice owners What makes the ICD-10 changeover so challenging? “You just have to know your onions,” said Carmen, waving [...]

Trouble Brewing

By Kathleen Casbarro ICD-10 spells a major adjustment What will Ben’s chiropractic office face with the changes in insurance reporting? Carmen sat on the sofa next to her husband and pulled her [...]

Code of Conduct

By Kathleen Casbarro New coding regulations: A major adjustment for chiropractors What will the new ICD-10 codes mean for Ben’s practice? “I’m a lucky man,” said Ben. His wife Carmen had brought [...]