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Cloud-based EMR, ONC-certified software and the most experienced Chiropractic Billing Service. Increase your practice revenue, patient retention & documentation compliance with our EHR. 

  • Increase patient communication
  • Easily implement ICD-10 documentation
  • Reduce patient no-shows
  • Maintain HIPAA compliant patient records

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Automatically sync credit cards, x-rays, analyses, and patient auto-pay with our fully integrated app store.



Make sure patients always receive the same level of care with workflow automated task management.



Know when your practice is at risk with over 21 MILLION rules checked against your practice’s actions in real-time.

All the tools your practice needs in one easy-to-use platform.

  • Patented technology and in-the-cloud for the last 15 years.
  • The Artificial Intelligence finds the work for your Staff so their productivity is greatly increased.
  • Available on any device, including PC, Mac, Surface Pro, iPad, and mobile.

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Features of Genesis


  • Fully customizable schedule
  • Multi location and provider
  • Appointment Reminders (text/email/chat)
  • Automated Social Media Reviews
  • Care plan wizard
  • Check in alerts
  • Online Patient Scheduling/App


  • Flexible billing (in-house/outsourced)
  • Notes and Exams generate codes and claims
  • Underpaid claim routing
  • Failed claim routing
  • Claim level audit trail
  • 24/7 accountability and transparency
  • Real time insurance verification
  • Automatic patient balance payments
  • Automated patient statements

Patient Retention

  • Single Point Management ™
  • Missed visits
  • No future appointment
  • Not seen in X days
  • Expired care plan
  • And more

Documentation & Compliance

  • SOAP note and matching claim submission in 0-15 seconds
  • HIPAA Secure online forms
  • Patient kiosks
  • Narratives – Exam, Re-exam, Outcome assessments, Daily note
  • Multi specialty – DC, PT, MD, Other
  • Cash, Major Med, PI, WC
  • Unbilled visit & unsigned note reminders

Point of Sale

  • PCI compliant credit card storage
  • EFT capability
  • Patient financing
  • Inventory management alerts
  • Product barcode storage
  • Sales tax tracking
  • Recurring and one time payments
  • Declined credit card alerts


  • Sked
  • Zingit
  • Review Wave
  • Posture Ray
  • Posture Screen
  • Fortis
  • Cash Practice
  • Cleargage

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Review Source: Capterra

“Genesis has allowed our practice to get back into the business of taking care of people while lessening the overwhelming business end of practice.”

John Maher, Chiropractor

Maher Chiropractic

Review Source: Capterra

“Genesis transformed our practice and gave us the time and energy to grow. It helped us optimize the money we were bringing in. We couldn’t be happier.”

Dr. Ashley Campbell & Dr. Andrew Torchio, Owners

Pangea Chiropractic

Reduce inefficiency by


Increase total collections by


Increase patient retention by


Increase compliance by


From no-shows, to visit documentation, to inventory and beyond, Genesis brings your eqntire practice experience together.

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Read all about Genesis Chiropractic Software.

Our software and practice management system is the best chiropractic software available today, with more than 9,000 users, Genesis is also the easiest software and billing service system to implement.  We have years of experience helping chiropractors with electronic health records and insurance so you can get your claims paid quickly.

The Genesis EMR system is designed and built by chiropractors for chiropractors, integrating leading technology with easy-to-launch chiropractic practice management software system; a chiropractic EMR platform that is affordable and powerful enough to help you automate your practice management and increase your practice profitability.

Automate your chiropractic practice workflow

Genesis billing software is designed to help you increase patient communication, reduce your patient no shows, automate your visit documentation, easily implement ICD-10 documentation into your chiropractic practice, manage your inventory, appointment reminders, maintain HIPAA compliant medical records and more.

Genesis streamlines your entire practice management, helping to increase patient retention and generating more revenue and profits though a chiropractic practice management software system that actually works.

The Genesis Chiropractic platform is designed to help you increase your collections, increase patient retention and increase your documentation compliance. 

Chiropractic software reviews consistently places the Genesis software, EHR, chiropractic SOAP notes, customer service and chiropractic billing services as tops in the industry.

Why Genesis Chiropractic Software?

Genesis software and billing service offers cloud-based ONC-certified software and a rich set of built-in and optional chiropractic software services you can easily implement in your practice.

Our software platform is built on top of a proprietary chiropractic workflow management architecture, which is designed to automate the majority of your practice management tasks, starting with insurance billing. In addition, our advanced chiropractic workflow management system includes automated alerts and task generation.  Genesis was designed from the ground up to eliminate the need for memory-management, promotes practice teamwork, and helps manage patient communication and relationships.

Our software system acts as a platform for numerous application integrations developed outside of Genesis. You can integrate these apps from various 3rd party vendors and organizations such as CBP, Maximized Living, Posture Ray, Posture Screen, CLA and Web Exercises similar to the apps sold to iPhone users.

Genesis offers an easy to follow discovery process to see if Genesis software’s systematic approach is a match for your practice.  We welcome you to see how our solutions might meet your practice and business growth goals.

During your Initial Practice Evaluation appointment we will determine if the Genesis software program make sense for you and your office, and if any of the optional Genesis services can accelerate your practice growth, increase practice profits and reduce costs and risks. Real numbers from your practice are used to show how Genesis will help your practice, so you can make an informed decision about switching to Genesis.