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Dream Practice Analysis


NOTE: If you do not know the answer to a question now you can leave it blank.  Try to get it before your scheduled call.  

General Info:
1. What is the average number of visits you see per month?
2. How Many of those visits are insurance visits as opposed to cash?
1. What is the average administrative hourly rate?
How much are you paying admin staff per hour on average?
2. What is the average number of minutes, per Date of Service, your staff spends posting charges, posting payments and posting denials?
For posting payments, include the time for data entry, clearing house posting and correcting errors that may come back from the clearing house.
3. What is the average number of denied claims per month that require follow up by your admin staff? 
Denials, underpayments, coordination of benefits, notes requests etc.
4. What is the average number of minutes it takes for your staff to follow up and correct a denied/underpaid claim?
Include the time on hold.
5. How many times per month does your staff have to call insurance companies to verify benefits?  
(Include both new patients and existing patients)
1. Average time spent managing practice per month? 
Time spent not treating patients. Admin, Training, etc.
1. Average minutes documenting per visit? 
We are looking for how long it takes you to create a daily not and communicate the diagnosis and procedure codes on a daily note only including narrative generation if you have that capability currently. Not new patients or re-exams.
Patient Relationships:
1. Average monthly missed appointments? 
The number of visits that were scheduled but do not show up AKA No Shows.
2. What percentage of missed appointments are typically rescheduled?
Billing Performance:
1. How Much do you bill out to insurance companies each month?
2. On average, how much do you collect from insurance companies per month?
3. What is your current total monthly revenue per month on average (Cash + Insurance)?
Current Solution Fees
1. What are the total fees you are paying for your current software OR for the other software you are considering at the moment?
2. What are you current clearing house monthly fees OR what would they be with another solution you are considering switching to?
3. How much do you currently pay for backing up your data OR would you have to pay with another software you are considering?
4. What is the total per month for other IT fees?
This would include: Fees you pay to an IT person for networking issues, firewalls, etc., as well as money you set asside for updating servers and hardware on a regular basis.