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“I learned about a workflow system versus a reporting system,” says Dr. Brian Paris, Advanced Spine & Wellness Center in Rockville, MD. “So it really allowed me to say, ‘Hey, there’s a software out there. I mean, we’re in the 21st century here. We’ve got to apply this stuff to healthcare and what I’m doing in my business.”

Genesis chiropractic software, powered by Vericle, helps providers at Advanced Spine & Wellness Center control and optimize their workflows to achieve better teamwork and stay compliant – not just in scheduling emergency appointments, but in virtually every aspect of practice management.

“It allows us, from a quality perspective… we are able to control the services from an internal perspective,” says Dr. Paris. “I am able to control what is going on with the practice.”

At a dream practice, there is no room for loss of control, no matter how unpredictable the patient flow on any given day. Advanced Spine & Wellness’ approach to health focuses on spine and posture regeneration beyond the resolution of symptoms. The practice has helped hundreds of Montgomery County residents through state-of-the-art chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture, as patients work to achieve optimal body function, performance and efficiency.

“I quickly, when moving over to Genesis software, I was able to see the holes real quick with my Dream [Practice] Analysis,” says Dr. Paris. “And it’s very, very difficult to look at your own weaknesses, especially in something that you built from the ground up.”

The professionals at Advanced Spine & Wellness go out of their way to make patients feel comfortable with not only the chiropractors, but also with the office and with the entire staff, before you ever walk through the door. It is the Rockville chiropractor of choice for patients of all ages and genders due to their unique, safe approach to pain relief and injury treatment.

“By implementing this workflow system, and in pointing out my weaknesses in revenue and staff management and quality control and compliance, I’m now able to create a vision, accomplish it, and have a space of creation,” adds Dr. Paris.

Utilizing a multi-specialty approach to healing, Advanced Spine & Wellness Center does not exclude the known benefits of the medical, surgical, and orthopedic disciplines. It is their desire and intent to see these philosophies work together to provide the best source of healthcare available to patients.

“I [have] learned about a lot of different areas in my practice — primarily three: staff management, revenue and compliance,” explains Dr. Paris. Now, it’s about two or three years later, where I have a very, very transparent picture. I have more time available for myself, and for developing the business, marketing, creating new revenue streams. As this healthcare industry changes, the revenue streams are changing.”

Genesis features that simplify staying compliant, while also shoring up the revenue stream during the chiropractic EHR process include:

  • Diagnosis linking to help providers use the right codes.
  • Automated notifications and alarms, such as modifier selection and re-exam due.
  • Compliant SOAP checklists make it easy for providers to create a set of tickets for routine services to make sure they never miss a documentation step.
  • EHR (xDocs and XMR) technology to eliminate errors by auto-populating fields for patient data and reduce documentation time.

Learn more about how Genesis Chiropractic Software helps your revenue increase.

Our chiropractic software will reduce your documentation time.

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