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Chiropractic EMR

Chiropractic EMR

As a chiropractor, you might encounter the terms chiropractic EMR and EHR when consulting with us at Genesis. These two acronyms stand for electronic medical records and electronic health records. While they are often used interchangeably and have many similarities, they are different products. By knowing the differences between EMR and EHR, you can run your chiropractic clinic more efficiently. In addition to this, you can feel confident in choosing a chiropractic software that will encourage you to streamline your clinic, enhance your revenue, save time, and reduce denied claims.

The Differences Between Chiropractic EMR and EHR

A chiropractic EMR is a digital version of your patient’s paper chart. It will contain the patient’s medical and treatment history of a patient within your practice. Because the record is electronic, it will help you to track your patient’s date easily. You can identify patients who may be due for an appointment, monitor patient parameters, and improve the overall quality of care.

Electronic health records, also known as EHRs, consist of a patients’ medical records that span across all providers. These records help doctors and authorized medical professionals to share information in digital format. The benefit of an EHR is that it provides for improved coordination of care. The EHR will be attached to a patient regardless of whether or not they change providers, relocate, or move into another facility. The information from a patients’ chiropractic EMR will be included into their EHR.

Why A Chiropractor Needs Chiropractic EMR and EHR Software

There are many different medical management platforms; however, when it comes to chiropractic clinics, there are several features that are unique to these officers. For example, billing for a chiropractor’s office is different from other medical clinics. This is because chiropractors offer a very special form of medical care. Chiropractic treatment is often sought for injuries sustained in a car accident, sports injuries, work-related injuries, and more.

Running a successful clinic requires effective treatment and procedures for billing based upon diagnoses like a muscle sprain, temporomandibular joint disorder, and so forth. This is mandatory regardless of whether the injury happened in a car accident, at home, or on the job. To ensure chiropractors are reimbursed, there must be sufficient, accurate, and detailed documentation. The right chiropractic EMR software allows for all of this.

Making General Software Work Can Be Difficult

In theory, it is possible for a chiropractor to use a general EMR that may be used by, for instance, a general medicine practice. However, this is often not ideal. A general medicine practice may treat a broad range of patients, and for many conditions. A chiropractic clinic typically only treats a select subset of the conditions. General software may be too cumbersome. It may also include features that are not necessary and get in the way of the practice. When it comes to a chiropractic EMR, software that has been built with chiropractors in mind is best.

Advantages of Using an Invoicing Software

As a chiropractic clinic, you may have observed that today’s marketplace is much more competitive that it used to be. Therefore, drawing in and keeping patients has likely become a top priority for your clinic, in order to maintain success and grow the business so it can stand strong in the market for the long run. It is imperative that businesses figure out ways to save their company time and money. Increasing convenience and productivity is key, and online invoicing software can help streamline the entire patient experience.

Changing the inner workings of your clinic and how it functions may trigger some skepticism at first, as you may be afraid to try something new. Some businesses are hesitant to utilize electronic billing software, despite its multiple benefits. However, you can trust that a customer representative at Genesis can provide the support you need to make the transition to chiropractic EMR without it drastically impacting daily operations. A more efficient method of invoicing can increase profit while making things smoother for both the chiropractors, other medical staff, patients, and front desk representatives.

Automated Invoicing

The greatest advantage of automatic invoicing is that you can establish a recurring payment account for patients who are seen regularly, ensuring that their invoices arrive on time. Additionally, chiropractic EMR and automatic invoicing is designed to help cut extra efforts that would normally cost the company money. It can also assist you in retaining patients because your approach to billing is reliable and consistent. You can even create gentle and friendly reminders to patients who have not submitted payments for overdue invoices.

Establish and Brand Identity

The invoicing software from Genesis can help your chiropractic EMR clinic establish a strong brand identity with your patients, prospective patients, and within the community. You can easily set up a template with your logo, theme colors, and fonts to match your chosen brand. With a strong brand identity, it can leave a positive impression on your patients and encourage them to pay you in a timely manner. Automatic billing enables you to write custom messages for certain patients when requesting payments from them.

Invoicing Security

At your chiropractic clinic, you may have noticed that patients easily lose paper invoices that you send to them in the mail or provide immediately after the appointment is finished. Perhaps your current operations entail printing out an invoice for every client and then putting them in the mail. There is no way to know if the client received that invoice, or whether they are avoiding paying. If you have chiropractic EMR and automatic billing, you can get notified if your patient has opened the invoicing email, confirming it was received on the other end. One of the most common issues that businesses have is getting payments from customers who have already received services.

Challenges in Medical Billing

Chiropractors that do not streamline their medical billing processes, with a chiropractic EMR system, could jeopardize their financial sustainability of their practice. By focusing on finding solutions to common challenges, they can increase their reimbursement, optimize their revenue, and grow their practice. When it comes to medical billing issues, the following are some of the most common.

Denial of Payment

A denial of a claim or payment can occur when a claim has been processed and then repudiated by a payer. There are five different categories of claim denials: soft, hard, preventable, clinical, and administrative. The majority of claims are preventable, and at least half are re-submittable once they are corrected. A chiropractic EMR system can reduce the likelihood of preventable claim denials.

Accuracy of Billing

Some offices manually perform their claim denial management process. This can result in an increase of human errors and reduced transparency. The slightest error or mistake on a patient intake form, can result in a claim denial. By utilizing an chiropractic EMR or EHR, many of these errors can be avoided.

Patient Eligibility

One of the most common reasons for a denied claim is patient eligibility. This means the service submitted for the payment is not covered under the patient’s insurance plan. It is important for front staff to ensure the patient’s health insurance status and coverage is correct. If this does not happen, you may face an unhappy patient (who may choose not to come back to your office), as well as the need for bill collection services.

Limited Automation

Completing a manual claim can take an excessive amount of time, and increase the need to turnaround claims. If you are a chiropractor who lacks automation in your medical billing process, you are missing out on the ability for advanced reporting and customized support – of which is offered by a chiropractic EMR.

Lack of Technology

Today’s technology allows chiropractors to manage, prioritize, and channel claims. This streamlined system can help you to obtain the revenue you are owed in the most cost-effective way.

Covid-19 Adaptations

Over the last few months, chiropractors have had to deal with new challenges because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even with aid and relief, and updating billing guidance from CMS, healthcare professionals declined 68 percent in utilization and another 48 percent in revenue. Patient visits are also one third lower than before the virus. Streamlined medical billing, and chiropractic EMR systems can ensure your revenue cycle is running as smooth as possible to prevent backlogs of appointments, and other avoidable challenges.

Genesis Chiropractic Software: An EMR System for Chiropractic Clinics

Genesis Chiropractic Software offers a powerful chiropractic EMR system that integrates a billing system and important practice management tasks. From the moment a patient calls for an appointment until they have paid their treatment dues, our software has your needs in mind. To know more about our chiropractic EMR and management software, give us a call at Genesis today.