Chiropractic Billing Compliance | How to audit-proof your practice

An Audit Proof Practice is what Dr. Ben needs.  That was definitely NOT money well spent. Ben felt red-hot anger building up inside him like boiling lava in a volcano right before its eruption. [...]

Chiropractic Billing Compliance | Can you reduce your audit risk?

Ben was forced to put all of his plans on hold. After paying the $30,000-fine to Blue Insurance they would have to cancel their Euro trip for another couple of years. He hated disappointing his [...]

Chiropractic Billing Compliance | Can you avoid getting audited?

The audit of his chiropractic documentation a few weeks ago did not go well for Ben. Now he had to pay $30,000 as penalty, according to the letter he just received from Blue Insurance. Ben felt [...]

Chiropractic EHR Software | Symmetry Spine and Wellness Center Dream Practice of the Month

Dr. Cynthia Boyd knows how to build a chiropractic dream practice: it takes hard work, a concerted team effort, and the expertise of Genesis chiropractic software and billing staff. “I have [...]

Chiropractic Compliance | Check exclusions list to avoid denied claims

Dr. John Davila explains the importance of checking the LEIE or list of exclusions of individuals or/and entities for all staff members at your clinic to avoid chiropractic billing issues such as [...]

Genesis Chiropractic EHR | New user tip #1 – Practice makes perfect

By Lisa Ogden ~ Profitability Coach for Genesis You can achieve success with the Genesis Chiropractic EHR system and build your dream practice when you and your staff complete the recommended [...]

Control Your Claim Flow Visually Using Radar Software

Do you worry about insurance claims payment delays? Lack of control over your chiropractic claims process causes inconsistent cash flow for your practice.   If you cannot track and predict your [...]

Control Claim Flow Visually Using Radar Software

Do you worry about insurance claims payment delays? Peace of mind is hard to come by when you don’t have control over your chiropractic claims process since this affects your practice cash [...]

How Genesis Chiropractic Software Can Help You Build Retention In Your Practice!

How’s your Patient Retention? Picture this; you start noticing a strange phenomenon going on in your office. You can’t explain it, but people seem to be disappearing. Every time you think [...]

From the Wrist Watch, to Siri, to Smart Software

Ask a room full of under 25 year old professionals if they are wearing a wrist watch.  If you are over 25 you will be surprised at how few are actually wearing one.  Why?  The digital world has [...]

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