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Chiropractic Billing Software in New Mexico Gives You More Flexibility

If you would like to see more revenue and more retention as a chiropractor running your own business, you need the latest in Chiropractic Billing Software in New Mexico. It’s called Genesis and it can solve all your billing problems. We know you’re busy with office operations and patient visits, which means the last thing you want to hassle with at the end of the day is accounts payable and receivable.

It’s time to get ahead of the competition with Genesis, designed for today’s fast-paced chiropractic office. This all-in-one cloud-based system allows you to handle more efficient billing, thanks to built-in compliance, fast documentation and native iPad apps. And with comprehensive practice management solutions, you can easily integrate documentation, scheduling, billing, patient communication, and more.


Chiropractic Billing Software New Mexico DevicesThat means you can eliminate duplicate data entries and enter data only once. Who doesn’t want to save time and stress in that area alone? Genesis, utilizing proprietary technology, automatically creates tasks for easy issue resolution with no need for detailed reports.

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If no-shows, complicated visit documentation processes, and time-consuming inventory tasks are sucking up all your free time, let Genesis provide all the tools you need in one place. By bundling your chiropractic billing software in New Mexico, you can achieve the following:

Boost Practice Revenue

  • Spend more time on growing your chiropractic office.
  • Get paid in full and on time while controlling performance and maintaining compliant notes during the billing process.
  • Check eligibility and outstanding balances, collect co-pays and accept credit cards all on one platform.
  • Analyze chiropractic billing performance and focus on building relationships with patients.
  • Use the point of sale/inventory control module for DME (Durable Medical Equipment)
  • Automatically capture and submit claims in real time to avoid costly delays.
  • Improve your chiropractic billing performance with instant charting tools.

Boost Patient Retention

  • Improve patient compliance using software animations built into your documentation.
  • Use your own ONC-certified chiropractic notes.
  • Build and demonstrate teamwork.
  • Schedule and check in patients.
  • Send out reminder calls.
  • Follow up on no-shows.
  • Use iPad or similar device to take chiropractic notes while treating patients.

Boost Visit Compliance

  • 24/7 experts focused on making sure you spend every possible moment with your patients.
  • Ensure documentation and coding are complete within 24 hours of visit.
  • Assistance with audit compliance.
  • Convenient way for your patients to pay bills and schedule appointments.
  • Automatic compliance alerts notify you of potential compliance risks.

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Chiropractic Billing Software New Mexico

If you would like to create additional revenue, while enjoying increased retention and seamless billing tasks, click the Schedule A Demo Now for a Dream Practice Analysis. Now, you can concentrate more on growing your business while we use real numbers from your chiropractic business to illustrate how Genesis can improve five practice areas.

With us, you can make more informed decisions regarding:

  • Increasing your revenue by 62%
  • Increasing your patient retention by 26%
  • Increasing your documentation compliance by 32%

….all in 33% less time!

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