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Chiropractic Billing Software Atlanta Georgia

Chiropractic Billing Software Washington D.C.The entire chiropractic billing ordeal can be a lengthier one with plenty of stresses which is why to minimize any issues, it’s recommended to partner with an expert team when you’re on the lookout for chiropractic billing software in Jacksonville Florida. Since there is an abundance of procedures and codes when it comes to Medicare as well as commercial insurance plans, chiropractic billing software in Atlanta, Georgia, such as Genesis, is your best bet!

Genesis’s comprehensive chiropractic services will eliminate lots of stresses and steps when it comes to filing as well as dealing with any delayed or outstanding claims. Our team is experts when it comes to the functions of cycle revenue management and by using Genesis and years of experience, we will help your chiropractic practice grow! Allow us to handle much of your financial concerns so that you and your team can focus more on providing expert, customer care. Since it’s commonplace for chiropractic businesses to lose as much as 3% of insurance claims due to delayed and rejected claims, having a partner like Genesis will help fix any problems or oversights.

What Services Do We Provide at Genesis?

We offer plenty of services with our comprehensive software. For starters, the Genesis software is very easy to use and requires no networks and is available on any device. We’re proud to outperform the national average by 50% and some services we offer include:

  • A Streamlined Process with Single Point Management

Our software allows you to automatically create and assign tasks for your team that will cut out the need for dozens and dozens of reports. In addition to freeing up time, this also allows for a more consistent customer experience with all your clients.

  • Our Wonderful Billing Software

Especially when dealing with a large number of patients as well as their insurance companies, the billing process can be a nightmare which is why using Genesis as your premium chiropractic billing software in Jacksonville Florida is crucial! Perks include flexible billing, immediate insurance verification, multi-provider/optimization as well as multi-location optimization, balance payments for patients, and automated statements. Additionally, there is a team available 24/7 that can help resolve any problems or answer any questions.

  • A Dynamic Point of Sale

While there is plenty about Genesis that stands out, one factor that many people point to is that Genesis has an excellent point of sale that makes the entire business process that much easier. With perks such as declined credit card alerts, patient financing, sales tax tracking, inventory management alerts, product barcode storage, and more, Genesis provides a comprehensive package when it comes to its dynamic point of sale!

Why Choose Genesis?

Whether you are already running a chiropractic office or foresee yourself running one in the near future, you probably understand that having chiropractic billing software in Jacksonville Florida can help with the entire process. Not only will it make running the business smoother, but can also free up time better served elsewhere such as growing your business. However, you don’t want to choose any chiropractic billing software! Genesis is owned and operated by chiropractors who know the ins and outs of the business and have been providing services for almost two decades.

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