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Genesis Chiropractic Software can address your chiropractic billing needs. If you are looking for an affordable, high quality chiropractic billing company, contact us today to learn more about the billing services we offer. Our team is here to help you make your business more efficient and productive. Contact Genesis Chiropractic Software today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the chiropractic billing services we offer.

Chiropractic medical billing is different from other types of medical billing systems. Many specific limitations and unique rules make chiropractic billing complex and dynamic.

Which Coverage Restrictions Apply To Chiropractic Billing?

Chiropractic claims may be billed to an insurance company in an incorrect manner. These faulty claims may contain only one or two mistakes, but they will not be paid by the patient’s insurance company due to coverage restrictions.

Coverage limitations are one of the most important factors regarding coverage restrictions. Health insurance coverage of chiropractic treatments only applies to spinal adjustments made by manual use of the hands. Spinal adjustments may only be made to correct a subluxation of the vertebrae and joints.

If a chiropractor uses a diagnostic service such as an x-ray to diagnose a subluxation then the x-ray or examination may be used to further document the chiropractic treatment. But health insurance will not reimburse a patient for x-rays or extended examination procedures.

Medicare is used by many health insurance companies to determine what they will cover under commercial insurance policies. The remaining services provided by the chiropractor are not covered by Medicare.

It is often the case that any procedure administered by a chiropractor that is not manual manipulation of the spine will not be covered by a health insurance company.

Do Caps Exist For Chiropractic Services?

No caps or limits exist in Medicare for chiropractic treatment administered by licensed chiropractors who qualify for Medicare’s licensing and policy requirements. Review screens may occur but caps and limits are not permitted.

Should A Chiropractor Obtain An Advance Beneficiary Notice?

Deciding to give an advance beneficiary notice is up to the chiropractor and should only be done if the chiropractor expects that Medicare will not provide payment for a specific type of service. Medical necessity is often a contributing factor that affects whether an advance beneficiary notice should be provided. The Chiropractor must provide a written claim to Medicare although it is assumed that Medicare will not pay the claim.

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