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At Genesis, we understand the value of a reliable and consistent chiropractic billing service. Every business needs to use a billing service that makes servicing clients easier and more efficient. The benefits of using a chiropractic billing service are many, and understanding these benefits will help you, your business partners, and your entire staff.

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What Should I Know About Chiropractic Billing?

In the majority of health insurance plans chiropractic care is included as a component of medical treatment covered by the health insurance plan. Some limitations may apply depending on the specific coverage associated with each plan. Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, and Cigna offer chiropractic treatment as part of their healthcare plans.

Chiropractic insurance billing is the mechanism used to ensure adequate and timely payment of bills related to chiropractic treatment services. An insurance claim is typically issued to the insurance carrier. Chiropractic offices must send primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance claims. These claims must also accompany patient statements and patient records.

Insurance billing takes time. Small chiropractic offices which are in growth periods quickly become overwhelmed with the work associated with insurance billing. Genesis Chiropractic Billing Company helps chiropractors handle the medical and insurance billing aspects of their businesses.

What Is A Chiropractic CPT Code?

A chiropractic CPT code is a specific code associated with procedures executed by a medical provider during a session with a patient. Chiropractic CPT codes provide documentary recordings of procedures, diagnoses, and evaluations related to chiropractic treatment.

How Do I Stay Alert To Chiropractic CPT Code Changes?

Chiropractors must know detailed information about chiropractic billing codes. CPT codes are altered and revised annually. Professional chiropractors must remain knowledgeable about all billing code changes. Sending outdated Chiropractic CPT codes to insurance companies can result in delayed billing and unpaid claims.

What Does Chiropractic Coverage Typically Include?

Chiropractic coverage under the majority of health insurance plans includes management services and evaluation services as well as radiology procedures. Chiropractic manipulative treatment is also covered under the majority of health insurance plans that include chiropractic coverage. Also, procedures and modalities according to reimbursement policies are provided for under chiropractic coverage.

How Important Is Patient Documentation?

Accurate and thorough documentation of a chiropractic patient’s treatment plans, history, and tests is essential to any successful chiropractic practice. Patient statements also must be included with other records. Chiropractic offices must adhere to uniform procedures for documenting chiropractic care.

Each chiropractic patient must have his or her own treatment record. Reviews or auditors may view these treatment records, and each patient record must be signed and dated by a licensed chiropractor.

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Having a reliable and consistent chiropractic billing service is essential to any successful chiropractic practice. Contact Genesis Chiropractic Billing Company today to schedule a consultation and learn how our products and services can help you grow your business.